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What music will be played at my event?

How broad is your repetoire? What genres do you play?

For a modern DJ running a high-end wedding business, the only correct answer is "We will play whatever you want!"

With Atlanta. DJ, you can make a list of Must Play and Don’t Play songs or even create a master wish list of songs for each part of the wedding from guest arrival, through ceremony, cocktails, and reception. We will use your list combined with our professional experience to throw the party of a lifetime.

How loud will the music be?

Will the DJ play the music too loud at my wedding?

To ensure the best experience, make sure your DJ understands the environment of your wedding and brings appropriately sized powered speakers and subwoofers.

Atlanta.DJ was founded partly because of the sound quality and inappropriate volume that we experienced at too many special events. We want to make sure that people on the dance floor are having a really good time, and we also want to make sure that guests at their tables are able to have a nice conversation without having to scream at each other. You can count on crystal clear audio because we carefully tune the setup and the frequencies to the room so that everything sounds great.

How do DJs charge for their services?

What's the average cost of a Wedding DJ?

The Average Cost of a Wedding DJ is $1600-$2000 near major metropolitan areas for full service from an experienced professional. This typically includes a single setup with microphones and lighting.

However, with Atlanta.DJ you will receive a no-nonsense quote that matches our pricing page and is all-inclusive from planning to pack up. All of our packages include premium lighting for the dance area and many extras that you don't pay extra for. The total price considers all planning time, equipment, overhead, travel, and day-of services.

We don't charge extra for certain dates or different "levels" of equipment. You always get our premium equipment that includes everything you need with flawless sound and dance floor lighting.

What should I expect from my DJ?

Why does hiring someone to "just to play music" for my wedding cost so much?

DJs are doing a lot more than just playing music before and after your event. During the event, a good DJ will keep everything on track and make it run smoothy from start to finish.

Weddingwire.com has a good article on exactly this topic, but to summarize:

  • Time - covers pre-event meetings, preparation, load-in, load-out, and the event itself.
  • Expertise - the know-how to handle special events, especially weddings
  • Equipment - attractive, high-quality gear that complements your special day
  • Music - standards, hits, and special requests, in high fidelity with proper licenses to play anywhere
  • Operations - rent, utilities, storage, transportation, presentation, wardrobe, insurance

Each of these topics has an expanded article that you should read if you are interested.

It's a little "inside baseball", but should make you more than comfortable with our qualifications and more than justify the cost of a proper special events DJ.

What type of equipment do you use?

What kind of speakers will the DJ have at my wedding or special event?

We use only premium professional audio equipment to guarantee the best quality sound possible. Our equipment is touring quality exactly as professional bands and entertainers use. Our Digital Music Station is a Macbook Pro paired with a Pioneer DJ Controller with an iPad Pro for backup. Most of our audio equipment is made by Yamaha and their professional/studio line (Line 6) paired with Shure wireless microphones. The reason this is important is to avoid feedback, distortion, and bass that consumes the room. You can count on crystal clear audio even at high volume. We tune the setup to the venue and the room so that everything sounds perfect.

Do you offer photography services?

Do DJs offer photography or videography services?

We do not. Some DJs are part of a larger enterprise that tries to be a one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment needs, but that's not ideal. Look for a DJ that works with top wedding photographers that specialize in photography rather than photobooths, fog machines, lasers, etc. You should want the same for your DJ. Someone that specializes in the music, quality equipment, and flawless planning. Being spread too thin and focusing on add-ins and upcharges distract from the primary mission.

Check our vendor list for our favorites!

What type of music do you have?

What type of music will the DJ play at my wedding reception?

We can literally play anything you want. In addition to a permanent library of thousands of the most popular wedding/party songs, we maintain professional digital subscriptions to the most up-to-date music catalogs. This includes: Pop, Dance, Swing, R&B, Techno, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae, Country, Oldies, Jazz, Folk, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Rock, Beach Music, Blues, Funk, Ballroom, Show Tunes... you get the idea.

If there is a special song that you need for throwback or cultural reasons, we can get those too. We promise.

How early will you arrive at the venue?

What time should a DJ arrive to setup prior to my event start time?

We generally arrive 1-2 hours before music needs to start playing. Your event is the only event that your DJ will have that day. We can set up in less than an hour, but we like to allow plenty of time to test everything and make adjustments for optimal sound performance espcially if there are multiple locations being served in the venue (ceremony + reception, for example). We also leave time to freshen up and be properly dressed before your event starts.

Are you an interactive DJ?

Will my DJ hype the crowd, yell into the microphone, or play self-promotional audio clips?

We are certainly interactive, but we are not constantly on the microphone trying to be the center of attention at your event. We use the microphone for appropriate MC announcements; not for hype. We will not badger your guests to dance or "put their hands up" or "make some noise". Our DJs will not embarrass you or your friends and will not play cheesy games or pull your guests out of their comfort zones. We will not steal your spotlight. We will read the room, ride the energy with you, and accept your guidance throughout the event. Most of all, we won't play a DJ "stinger" that yells our name. Ew.

How far in advance do we need to book?

How far in advance do I need to book a DJ for my wedding?

Most clients book approximately 6-12 months in advance. However, many times we can accommodate reservations made from a few weeks to several months ahead. Since there’s no way of predicting which dates will become totally booked, the only way to know is to call. No extra charge for "premium" dates or holidays.

Can we meet our specific DJ via Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, in-person, etc.?

What if I want to meet my actual DJ in-person?

Well, of course! We will meet you and your planners in whatever location or medium makes you comfortable. We are always available via text, e-mail, and phone, and we are happy to set up video chats for planning meetings. After all, we have to go over your vision, your specific needs, and your dreams, and then we have to tell you exactly how we will fulfill them. It's also a personality check. Once we complete our consultation, you will see how comfortable you feel having us as part of your special day. After booking Atlanta.DJ, you will have direct access to your DJ via cell phone throughout the entire planning process.

Can we see your DJs perform?

How do I see a DJ perform live prior to my event?

We do not consider ourselves performers as many club DJs might. We are not scratching artists nor will we attempt to draw attention to ourselves during your event. Because we focus on weddings, we respect the privacy of our clients, just as we will yours. You can view our wedding videos on YouTube and Instagram. We also have extended private event videos available on request.

How will you get my guests to dance?

What if my guests aren't dancing at my wedding reception?

We will bring the energy and the music, but YOU set the tone for your party. If you dance, your guests will dance too. It's your day and everyone will be looking to you and your partner to take the lead. If that's not your thing, appoint some friends to help. We will work with you to play all of your favorite music at the perfect time. When you get excited that we are playing you favorite song from high school, go nuts!! Your guests will too!

Will you promote yourself or yell into the microphone?

Why do some DJs promote themselves with banners or audio stings even at a wedding?

We would never self-promote at your wedding. This is so cringe. Our brand will not be visible during your event. Sorry you had to ask, but we understand.

Do you bring party favors or glow sticks to your events?

What if I want glow sticks, LED batons, confetti, bubbles, etc. at my wedding or reception?

Many people get excited about light-up props, but we tend to find that props like hats and glow wands are distracting and detract from pictures and video. It's the same reason we don't bring lasers or aim our gobo monogram lights at the dance floor. They can be a terrible distraction (not just for children). If you would like to have something for your guests on the dancefloor, we recommend thin glow sticks, necklaces, leis, and bracelets.

Are you a full-time DJ business?

Should I look for a full-time wedding DJ or a club DJ?

We focus on weddings and special events, which happen mostly on weekends. In that sense, it's hard to call it full-time, but we are specialists. Many DJs fill their time by taking corporate events during the day and club gigs at night. We don't do that because those events have a very different vibe, schedule, and pace from a wedding.

In fact, the Knot recommends booking a DJ that focuses on weddings, and that's what we do.

Do you bring back up equipment to all events?

What if some critical DJ thingy breaks?

We use premium professional audio equipment identical to that of touring musicians. There is a remote possibility that something could break, but we always carry redundant equipment, so there is a backup available just in case.

How will the DJ dress for my event?

What do DJs wear to special events or weddings?

Our DJs are always professionally dressed. No ballcaps or baggy clothes. We will discuss in advance and accept your guidance on what is most appropriate for your event. DJs and assistants will usually show up in branded attire and change just prior to the event start time after the heavy lifting is done. Assistants will dress more casually in all black.

Do you have insurance?

Should DJs have liability insurance coverage?

Absolutely. Most venues require outside vendors to carry their own liability insurance. This is an easy check to see if you are dealing with a professional. You may also find that your venue has their own insurance which includes vendors. This option has the benefit of extending the coverage to performers playing the venue, DJs included. In this case, you are doubly covered, and any accidents, mishaps, equipment damage, facility damage, etc. will not blow back on you or your guests. This protects us, naturally, but also protects you.

We will provide a copy of our policy information upon request well in advance of a contract commitment. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

What happens if you get sick the day of the event?

What if my DJ gets sick or cancels at the last minute?

We have mulitple DJs in our network of quality, professional DJs in the area. You will not be left hanging for your special day.

Do you travel outside the metro-Atlanta area?

How do DJs pay for travel expense to my venue?

Yes, within reason. Most DJs have a limit on their service area. Destination DJs that will "travel anywhere" will expect you to pay their travel plus their fee and will need to rent equipment or depend on a permanent equipment installations in the venue.

Our focus is on the Atlanta Metro area, North Georgia, and Western North Carolina and our fee includes all travel expense to your venue. Be on the lookout for us in these beautiful locations:

  • Alpharetta
  • Norcross
  • Marietta
  • Duluth
  • Roswell
  • Kennesaw
  • Suwanee
  • Decatur
  • Cumming
  • Smyrna
  • Buford
  • Tucker
  • Woodstock
  • Dallas
  • Carrollton
  • Stone Mountain
  • Dunwoody
  • Stockbridge
  • Peachtree City
  • Acworth
  • The Highlands
  • Cashiers
  • Asheville
  • Weaverville
  • Fontana Dam
  • Murphy
  • Gold Hill
  • Blairsville
  • North Metro
  • Talking Rock
  • Flat Rock
  • Canton, NC
  • Chimney Rock
  • Andrews
  • Adairsville
  • Franklin
  • Madison
  • Hendersonville
  • Mills River
  • Waynesville
  • Belmont
  • Banner Elk
  • Maggie Valley
  • The Highlands
  • Cashiers
  • Scaly Mountain