Wedding Music

It's not easy picking just the right music for cocktails, ceremony, and reception, but we are here to make it simple and straightforward.

The 150 Best Wedding Songs

Welcome to our web page featuring the ultimate collection of wedding music and curated Spotify playlists. We have carefully selected the very best 50 wedding songs in three categories to ensure that your special day is filled with musical magic. Here are the direct links to Spotify, or you can browse previews below:

Whether you're in search of wedding flash mob songs, slow romantic tunes, upbeat party hits, happy slow songs, or hidden gems that are often overlooked, you've come to the right place.

We recommend exploring Spotify's comprehensive collection of wedding playlists, particularly the Top 50 Wedding Reception Songs and the Top 50 First Dance Songs. These playlists capture the essence of wedding celebrations, offering a blend of crowd-pleasing bangers and heartwarming tear-jerkers that are sure to keep the dance floor alive and create beautiful memories.

In addition to Spotify's lists, we are proud to present our very own Atlanta.DJ curated playlist: the Top 50 Underused First Dance Songs for your wedding. We believe that your first dance as a married couple should be unique and special, which is why we have handpicked a selection of captivating and lesser-known songs to set the perfect tone for this cherished moment.

So, whether you're seeking energetic tunes that will ignite the party, soul-stirring melodies for intimate slow dances, or hidden gems that will make your first dance truly memorable, our web page is your go-to destination. Explore the categories, click the links, and let the music take you on a journey of love, joy, and celebration.

Remember, a well-curated playlist can transform your wedding day into an extraordinary experience. Enjoy the magic of these carefully selected songs and create unforgettable musical moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

And if you would like these on Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, or others, just let us know and we can send directly to you on the spot!

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